Grosses Bild


Bionomy is “the science of the laws of life”.

The term “bionome skin and beauty care” is derived from “bionomy”. Bionomy makes clear the difference between traditional cosmetics and specific quality requirements. With great dedication and consistency, we have strived for maximum beautification and protection of the skin through adherence to dermatological findings and ethical responsibility to animals and the environment.

We also want to clearly differentiate ourselves from the so often misused term “organic cosmetics”. Firstly, even natural substances can cause severe allergic reactions and skin diseases. Secondly, chemical synthetic substances, such as preservatives, are often found in “organic” cosmetics. In order to make these substances appear friendlier, chemical preservatives such as Parabens, Sodium Benzoate and Potassium Sorbate are often labelled as “natural substances”. This simply means that tiny traces of these chemically synthesised substances can be found in nature. Whether or not a chemical preservative is a “natural substance” has nothing to do with its compatibility with the skin. It does not matter whether or not a substance is “natural”. What is important is whether the skin and your immune system consider a substance to an endemic element of your body and therefore of your skin.

The well-known slogan “nature for the skin” or “natural products for the skin” must be changed into a new awareness: To adhere to and/or respect the “nature of the skin” and on this basis to select corresponding ingredients for skincare products. The “nature” of our body pertains only to the substances of which our organism is comprised, which are endemic substances and therefore trigger no defensive reaction in the immune system.